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' hold me beside you ' A Site Specific Installation at Plymouth Art Weekender, 24 -27 September 2020

hold me beside you is a unique installation by Still/Moving for this year's Plymouth Art Weekender: 24 -27 September 2020.

The 2-metre distanced illuminated words respond to the experience of the COVID-19 pandemic. The site-specific installation explores the tension of proximity and risk in the physical structure of the Plymouth Citadel’s former gunpowder store. Originally created for The Box's 'State of Emergency' micro commission the words have been reconfigured to magnify our state of isolation and our dependence: our need to keep distanced, coupled with our longing for interconnectedness, revealing a shared vulnerability in the face of the unknown workings of the virus.

The work hangs on the north wall of Duttons Cafe, located above Elphinstone carpark which is one of the best places to see Still/Moving's other project Speedwell, on the Mount Batten Breakwater.

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Speedwell is Live!

Speedwell is exploring the idea of 'no new worlds'.

For the settlers on the Mayflower who felt they were sailing to a new world, it was a world that had been inhabited for many thousands of years by indigenous peoples who were greatly impacted by the arrival of the Mayflower and subsequent ships that followed.

We wanted to challenge that idea and to uncover previously overlooked stories of the Mayflower sailing but also to remind people that we only have this world and we need to look after it.

Come and add your voice to the structure either by filling in a tag with one of our volunteers or by adding your voice on our text and audio link

Speedwell's Poignant Message - Plymouth Herald

Re-Informed on the Mayflower 400 website.

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Speedwell, A Mayflower 400 Commission to Open on 4th September 2020

Speedwell, a large scale light installation funded by Plymouth Culture and the Arts Council, will open on Plymouth's Mount Batten Breakwater at dusk on 4th September 2020. Currently under construction it can be clearly seen growing on the horizon from the Hoe and the Barbican. See Speedwell Project page for more info.

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'touch' by Still/Moving, "A State of Emergency Commission" by The Box, Plymouth's new Museum

Still/Moving have been awarded a State of Emergency Commission by The Box, Plymouth's new museum, art gallery and cultural centre. The project titled 'touch' explores the two metre distance of safety forced under the pandemic regulations, a distance which paradoxically shows care through remoteness while enforcing isolation, yet in cases of coercion, hides from view those subject to a cruelty of touch.

The work explores these spaces, navigating from the distance of the horizon to the proximity of the home; the local. Moving through levels of intimacy and forms of touch from the caress of a lover, the lifting of a child to sharing a companionable proximity, the phrases ‘HOLD ME’, ‘TOUCH ME’, ‘BESIDE ME’ will be created using a low voltage LED technology.

The Box will open to the general public on Tuesday 29 September


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Léonie Hampton commissioned to create new work in response to seeds in Exeter Museum, RAMM’s collection

Still/Moving's co-founder Leonie Hampton new commission from RAMM, will explore the Exeter museum’s collection of seeds and herbarium sheets in dialogue with her own photographs of seed experiments, the garden and family. Creating a ‘story about love, growth, family and the archaic wisdom of plants’ the new artwork will place Hampton’s photographs of living and growing plants alongside that of the collected, dried seeds in the museum.

See: RAM Museum for more info


Melinda Schwakhofer

There are no New Worlds or Old Worlds, there is only This World.

I stand in This World.

My people are Mvskokvlke (the Mvskoke people). We look towards 7 directions: North, South, East, West, Above, Below, and we dwell in the 7th direction, Within. Wherever we are is the centre of the world.

There are no New Worlds or Old Worlds, there is only This World.

I stand in This World.

I carry the history of all my ancestors, Mvskoke, British and Austrian-American.

I am the rooted and the rootless.

I am the one who emerged from the earth and dwelt always in that very place.

I am the displaced, the relocated, the seeker, the searcher, the exiled.

I am the one who has been two times severed from my place/culture/people. First from our Homelands and then from Indian Territory. I can never go back to the time before we were torn from our lands, when we were held by the earth, surrounded by the forest, and spoke the language of the rivers.

But the connection can be found and the circle can be mended if I have the heart, the courage, to reach beyond my pain and fear and gently cradle what has been broken.

The Mvskoke Way is to bring Order to Chaos and to restore Harmony and Balance.

Due to the effects of over 500 years of Colonisation all Indigenous people of North America have had our deep connection to our land, our culture and our language severed.

The Mvskoke tongue was ripped from the mouths of my father and grandmother in the early 1900s. Today I attend a Mvskoke language class via Zoom where I hear, and remember how to speak, our beautiful language.

My tongue remembers.

On Dartmoor, I have been learning traditional brain tanning to produce buckskin. I am the first hokte (Mvskoke woman) in several generations to do this work. My hoktvke ancestors come to life in my body as I scrape, soak, twist, soften and smoke the hide.

My body remembers.

I have relearned how to make fire and to gently blow the embers into flame. Hesaketvmesse, our creator, the Master of Breath, dreamed the first world. Hesaketvmesse exhaled and breathed our world into being.

My breath remembers.

As I walk the footpaths and deer trails of Dartmoor, I find Mvskoke ground beneath my feet. The rivers and woodlands come to life as the terrain of my original Homelands. This is now my Home.

My feet remember.

On winter nights, when I look into the Southern sky, I see the Path of Souls that my ancestors walk and Great Hand which holds them. The place where I will one day dwell.

My Soul remembers.