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In-tuition at the Plough, Great Torrington

Please join us for the preview of Still Moving's ‘In-tuition’, an exhibition of new work inspired by the Commons around Great Torrington.

The exhibition features sculptures, films, works on paper and found objects brought together to embrace magic as a space of intuition, connection and possibility. The title, ‘In-tuition’, describes the artists’ desire to learn, using sensitivity to nature and openness to the way that it might speak through us.

Preview: Tue 04 Apr 2023, 6:00pm

Exhibition: Tue 04 Apr 2023 - Sat 06 May 2023

The Plough Arts Center, Great Torrington, EX38 8HQ

Still Moving is an artists’ collective set up by Laura Hopes, Léonie Hampton and Martin Hampton

About the Exhibition

England is a land that has been subject to ‘capitalist sorcery’ for over 500 years; a psychic and bodily rift between people and the land resulting from the history of the Enclosures, the destruction of the Commons and the persecution of the Witches.

Great Torrington’s own history of the Commons dramatically inverts this story. An ‘area of waste called the Common’, was given to the people of Torrington in 1194. This was formalised in 1889, when the Common’s Act was presented in Parliament in ‘An Act for vesting Great Torrington in a body of Conservators’. These 365 acres of common land remain vehemently defended and remain central to the traditions and defiant identity of the town and community. The free access to the land they represent is vital to nurturing dignity, sovereignty and a magical, intuitive connection to nature.

Still Moving’s practice aims to explore these psychic and manmade boundaries, unearthing ancient and modern ways of being in the world, mysterious, open and interconnected. By paying attention to the material and spiritual aspects of land, we stand to learn from the reciprocal relationship between people, nature and commons.


Film Screening and Preview event

4th April 2023

To coincide with the opening of In-tuition, the Plough Cinema will present a free series of films made by the artists collective Still Moving. Running on loop throughout the evening of Tuesday 4th April, the cinema will be open for ‘drop in’ viewings. The preview will involve a Q and A at 7pm-7.30pm where Still Moving will be joined by some of their recent collaborators. This includes Dance Lab Collective (represented by Kerry Chappell and Pam Woods, both of University of Exeter) who will offer a short movement insight into the Kinasphere film-making process to open discussion.

The films

Kinasphere - Three dancers move between three choreographed worlds, scientific, urban and rural. There, changing environmental vernaculars entangle with the human body reminding us that we are in relation to the worlds around us and together become active agents of movement and change. Made in Collaboration with Kerry Chapell, Lizzie Swinford and Pam Woods. Funded by The Eramus+programme of the European Union (3min)

Continuous and all around us - A filmic collage of sound and image questions the ecological and sonic impact of housing developments in Pinhoe on the fridges of expanding Exeter. Made in Response to the practice of Sound artist Emma Welton. Filmed as part of Clyst Valley Regional Park's Routes for Roots project funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund.(6.54min)

Zenae - The film takes its cue from ancient literature on matriarchal migration into Britain, reflects upon our ecological inheritance, and draws out a series of clues found in Greek, Roman, and medieval texts, including a late medieval poem about Syrian sisters’ flight to the then unoccupied islands of Britain. The film contemplates the stories of suppressed female worlds, and asks us to consider what their presence might offer our future. Made by Islands of Women Collective (Rose Gibbs, Alice Albinia and Léonie Hampton) Music by Full of Noises. Funded by Arts Council England (16min)

Our Body is a Planet - A short film that challenges the way we think of ourselves as individual genetically prescribed entities, independent from our surroundings. Without fungi and bacteria our bodies and biosphere would not exist; we are in partnership with the microbial world. Music by Meredith Monk, made in collaboration with the MRC centre for Medical Mycology. Funded by Arts and Culture University of Exeter and Wellcome Trust. (11.09min)

Worlding - The film explores how we might enter into a different relationship with land, nature and place in order to address the climate crisis that confronts us all. Funded by Take A Part, National Lottery Heritage Fund (10.38min)

Lacuna - The Colour of Distance - The orb travels a landscape, distancing its occupant by insulating them from sound, heat, wind, while at the same time utterly controlling them. Commissioned by OSR Projects for The Weather Station II (4.55min)

Traum - The camera enters the derelict landscape of the Lee Valley, London, UK, the site of the 2012 Olympics. Cut to a complex score by Isambard Khroustaliov the film proposes a way of looking through the surface of banal things to find new and surprising territories (16min)

(Total screen time 70 min)

At other times these films are available through our website


Still Moving live research space

4th April- 21st April 2023

Still Moving will create a live research space connected to the exhibition In-tuition which will reflect our conversations and encounters in and around Torrington. Please feel welcome to interact with the objects and let us know if you have suggestions or additional offerings.

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Matter at Hand at Foto Forum Gallery, Bolzano, Italy

Léonie Hampton of Still Moving's exhibition Matter at Hand opened in Foto Forum, Bolzano, Italy on 31 May 2022

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Language of Seeds at Thelma Hulbert Gallery, Honiton

Léonie Hampton, A Language of Seeds,

14 January 2023 to 4 March 2023
A Language of Seeds is a series of photographs celebrating the artist Léonie Hampton's vegetable garden, family and friends responding to the Royal Albert Memorial Museum and Art Gallery (RAMM)’s botany collection.

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ZENAE premieres at Tate St Ives

Zenae is a film made by in collaboration between Rose Gibbs, Alice Albinia and Léonie Hampton as the Islands of Women collective.
With Music by Full of Noises.

It takes its cue from ancient literature on matriarchal migration into Britain, reflects upon our ecological inheritance, and draws out the relationship between the work women traditionally do, caring for others, and the work of caring for the earth. It is inspired by a series of clues found in Greek, Roman, and medieval texts, including a late medieval poem about some Syrian sisters’ flight to the then unoccupied islands of Britain. The film contemplates the losses that rising sea-levels will bring, and through a focus on the natural world, seeks to find a ways of looking that promotes and protects a more nurturing approach to the land and our bodies.

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Pharmakon, a new bronze sculpture for the MRC Centre for Medical Mycology by Still Moving at the University of Exeter was unveiled on 4th June 2022

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We are crowdfunding to take the NO NEW WORLDS sculpture to COP26 in Glasgow in November and need your help to make it happen

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New Solo Exhibition by Léonie Hampton opens at RAMM Museum 18th May- 5th September 2021

Commissioned to complement the touring exhibition Seedscapes: Future Proofing Nature, Léonie Hampton’s body of work engages directly with the ecological emergency through a series of photographs that celebrate her vegetable garden, her family and friends, and the seeds in the collections at RAMM, Exeter. The exhibition is runs from 18 May to 5 September 2021. See here for more information.

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Event: Indigenous Artists Panel

Still/Moving and Survival International in partnership with Dr Stephanie Pratt and Melinda Schwakhofer, invite the artists Cannupa Hanska Luger, Candessa Tehee, Ian Kuali’i and Jules Koostachin to discuss the complexities of the 400 year Mayflower history and their individual artist practices, in a panel chaired by art historian Dr Stephanie Pratt.

When: Tuesday 1 December 2020 At: 16:30 – 18.00GMT

Free Eventbrite link: CLICK HERE

During the month of November we have created multiple spaces for indigenous voices to be AMPLIFIED. Please submit a short quote responding to: ‘Tell us what the history of the Mayflower means to you.’ By following the links below or emailing us directly on these will be added to the NO NEW WORLDS tags which are written and tied to the sculpture in Plymouth UK, and posted through social media: /StillMovingCIC & @StillMovingCIC

Through the Survival International Map:

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Still Moving IN CONVERSATION: Dr Stephanie Pratt and Survival International this FRIDAY

Marial Quezada from Survival International, Sam Maltais, (Aquinnah Wampanoag), Dr Stephanie Pratt (Dakota) and Still/Moving will discuss the current campaign, #Mayflowers Kill. This conversation will introduce November’s Native American Heritage Month, and reflect on the place of NO NEW WORLDS and other artworks within commemorative programmes such as Plymouth UK’s Mayflower 400 Commemorations.

When: Friday 13 November 2020 At: 16:30 – 17:30 GMT

Free Eventbrite link:

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Speedwell 'Starter Tower' Talks Program

Throughout the duration of Speedwell's installation on Mount Batten Breakwater a series of 'in conversations' will be held between Still/Moving and invited speakers to discuss some of the themes raised by the project. The talks will be live-streamed online. Click here for a full list

Next up: Still/Moving IN CONVERSATION: 'Connections' with Marianne Brown 16.10.2020 @ 13.00

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' hold me beside you ' A Site Specific Installation at Plymouth Art Weekender, 24 -27 September 2020

hold me beside you is a unique installation by Still/Moving for this year's Plymouth Art Weekender: 24 -27 September 2020.

The 2-metre distanced illuminated words respond to the experience of the COVID-19 pandemic. The site-specific installation explores the tension of proximity and risk in the physical structure of the Plymouth Citadel’s former gunpowder store. Originally created for The Box's 'State of Emergency' micro commission the words have been reconfigured to magnify our state of isolation and our dependence: our need to keep distanced, coupled with our longing for interconnectedness, revealing a shared vulnerability in the face of the unknown workings of the virus.

The work hangs on the north wall of Duttons Cafe, located above Elphinstone carpark which is one of the best places to see Still/Moving's other project Speedwell, on the Mount Batten Breakwater.

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Speedwell is Live!

Speedwell is exploring the idea of 'no new worlds'.

For the settlers on the Mayflower who felt they were sailing to a new world, it was a world that had been inhabited for many thousands of years by indigenous peoples who were greatly impacted by the arrival of the Mayflower and subsequent ships that followed.

We wanted to challenge that idea and to uncover previously overlooked stories of the Mayflower sailing but also to remind people that we only have this world and we need to look after it.

Come and add your voice to the structure either by filling in a tag with one of our volunteers or by adding your voice on our text and audio link

Speedwell's Poignant Message - Plymouth Herald

Re-Informed on the Mayflower 400 website.

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Speedwell, A Mayflower 400 Commission to Open on 4th September 2020

Speedwell, a large scale light installation funded by Plymouth Culture and the Arts Council, will open on Plymouth's Mount Batten Breakwater at dusk on 4th September 2020. Currently under construction it can be clearly seen growing on the horizon from the Hoe and the Barbican. See Speedwell Project page for more info.

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'touch' by Still Moving, "A State of Emergency Commission" by The Box, Plymouth's new Museum

Still Moving have been awarded a State of Emergency Commission by The Box, Plymouth's new museum, art gallery and cultural centre. The project titled 'touch' explores the two metre distance of safety forced under the pandemic regulations, a distance which paradoxically shows care through remoteness while enforcing isolation, yet in cases of coercion, hides from view those subject to a cruelty of touch.

The work explores these spaces, navigating from the distance of the horizon to the proximity of the home; the local. Moving through levels of intimacy and forms of touch from the caress of a lover, the lifting of a child to sharing a companionable proximity, the phrases ‘HOLD ME’, ‘TOUCH ME’, ‘BESIDE ME’ will be created using a low voltage LED technology.

The Box will open to the general public on Tuesday 29 September

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Léonie Hampton commissioned to create new work in response to seeds in Exeter Museum, RAMM’s collection

Still/Moving's co-founder Leonie Hampton new commission from RAMM, will explore the Exeter museum’s collection of seeds and herbarium sheets in dialogue with her own photographs of seed experiments, the garden and family. Creating a ‘story about love, growth, family and the archaic wisdom of plants’ the new artwork will place Hampton’s photographs of living and growing plants alongside that of the collected, dried seeds in the museum.

See: RAMM Museum for more info


We must be still and still moving
Into another intensity

T. S. Eliot The Four Quartets

Still Moving

Still Moving is an artist collective that is process-oriented. Through collaboration and embedded research, they remain open to the possibilities that they will come into contact with what they do not already know, or may have forgotten. They are intrigued by how interactions with other epistemologies infect and influence one another and offer up new possibilities and ways of being that nurture forms of living. Founded by three artists, Laura Hopes, Martin Hampton and Léonie Hampton, who met when they were 13, they live in Devon, UK. Inspired by the artist Louise Bourgeois who said ‘It is not about the medium, it is about what you are trying to say’, their work emerges in diverse forms, including sculpture, film, photography, performance, installation, music, the spoken and printed word.

Léonie has an internationally acclaimed art practice. She studied Art history, specialising in contemporary European and American art, and is a part time AL Associate lecturer in photography at LCC London. Martin studied architecture at the Bartlett and visual anthropology at Goldsmiths. He is a maker of films and sculptures, and a grower of vegetables. Laura is an artist and post-doctoral researcher, focusing upon the relationship between climate change and colonisation.

Still Moving was originally set up for workshops and in-conversations with internationally acclaimed artists and incorporated as Still Moving Projects CIC in 2019.


2023: Selected for Artist is resident at King College London, Beyond Triffids: Plants without Prejudice, UK

2023: Selected for the BFI Peninsula Producers Network, Pheonix, Exeter UK

2022: When Land Becomes Soil, Science New Wave Award, Warner Media USA

2022: Pharmakon, Permanent sculpture commission, MRC CMM University of Exeter, UK

2022: Community Light sculptures, Plymouth Culture commission, UK

2021: NO NEW WORLDS, COP26, Glasgow, Greenpeace International grant, UK

2021: COP26 Interventions, Glasgow, National Lottery Funding grant, UK

2020: Photographic series Touch for The Box State of Emergency commission, UK

2018: Plymouth Culture Arts grant for Speedwell, a Mayflower 400 commission, UK

2018: Arts Council England grant for Speedwell, a Mayflower 400 commission, UK


2023: Upcoming Exhibition April-May In tution at The Plough arts Center, Torrington, UK.

2023: Still Moving Archive Room, Thelma Hulbert Gallery, Honiton, UK

2022: Pharmakon, Permanent sculpture installed at University of Exeter, UK

2022: Zenae, film collaboration, Islands of Women, screened at Tate St Ives, Cornwall, UK

2022: Worldling, film on exhibition in Foto Forum, Bolzano, Italy

2022: Worlding, film screened at Cast, Cornwall, UK

2022: LOVE IS THE HIGHEST ECONOMY, installation at Exeter Phoenix, UK

2021: COP intervention LOSS + DAMAGE, COP26, Glasgow, UK

2021: NO NEW WORLDS, Graving Docks, Glasgow, UK.

2021: TO BE HEARD. Anne’s Garden, G7 Installation, Carbis Bay, UK.

2020: Speedwell: NO NEW WORLDS, Mount Batten breakwater, Plymouth, UK.

2020: hold me beside you, installation Plymouth Art Weekender, UK

2020: Speedwell: NO NEW WORLDS, Mount Batten breakwater, Plymouth, UK

Léonie Hampton

After graduating in Art History at University College London and SOAS in 2000, specialising in contemporary European and American art, she continued her studies in Photography at the London College of Communication where she now works as a Part-Time tutor of MA Photography.

Léonie's work has won numerous awards. She has exhibited in solo and group shows including the U.K. France, The Netherlands, Scandinavia, Austria, Italy and Canada and has been exhibited and collected by Museums such as the MNAM – Centre Pompidou (Paris) MACRO- Museum of Contemporary Art (Rome), Palazzo delle Esposizioni (Rome) MEP Maison Européenne de la Photographie (Paris) Successive projects have been funded by The Arts Council, Wellcome Trust and the British Council. In 2011, her award-winning 184-page book In the shadow of things was published by Contrasto (Italy)

Alongside her work within Still Moving recently completed an Arts Council England funded film project Islands of Women, screened at Tate St Ives, August 2022.


2021: Artist in residency with by MRC CMM University of Exeter, funded by Wellcome trust

2020: Commissioned by RAMM (Exeter) for A Language of Seeds, exhibition in 2021

2019: Arts Council England grant for Islands of Women film project

2019: Nominated for a Prix Pictet Award. Geneva, Switzerland

2018: Awarded a Plymouth Culture Arts grant for Speedwell

2018: Awarded an Arts Council England grant for Speedwell

2017: XV Edizione della Commissione. Roma, Italy

2015: Nominated for a Prix Pictet Award. Geneva, Switzerland

2012: Awarded a Wellcome Trust Small Arts Grant. London, UK

2011: In the shadow of things nominated for the Deutsche Borse Photography Prize. London, UK

2010: Winner of the Prix Montblanc. L'Insense. France

2009: Winner of the Foam KLM Paul Huf Award. Amsterdam, Netherlands

2008: Winner of the F Award. Milano, Italy

2008: Inge Morath Award Finalist. USA

2007: Winner of the Arts Foundation Fellowship for Photography. London, UK

2007: Selected by the Magenta Foundation for publication. Toronto, Canada

2006: Selected for the Joop Swart World Press Masterclass. Amsterdam, Netherlands

2005: Awarded 15-month scholarship at Fabrica Italy, by the Benetton Group to collaborate on the Les Yeux Ouvert exhibition at Centre Pompidou in Paris. Treviso, Italy

2004: Winner of a Jerwood Photography Award. London, UK

2004: Selected as one of the 30 Emerging Photographers by Photo District News. New York, USA

2003: Winner of the Ian Parry Memorial Scholarship. London, UK

2003: Winner of the Tom Webster Award. London, UK

2003: Winner of the Metro Bursary Award. London, UK


2023: 'A Language of Seeds', Thelma Hulbert Gallery, Honiton, UK

2022: Matter at Hand, mid career photographic retrospective, Bolzano, Italy

2021: A Language of Seeds, RAMM museum. Curated by Lara Goodband. Exeter, UK

2018: Mend, Italian Cultural Institute. Curated by Marco Delogu. London, UK

2017: Mend, MACRO (Museo d'Arte Contemporanea di Roma). Curated by Marco Delogu and Flavio Scollo. Roma, Italy

2017: An archive in your pocket, Cinema Rediscovered, Watershed. Curated by Mady Probst. Bristol, UK

2012: Anger, Tenderness and Joy, Galerie Kahmann. Amsterdam, NL

2011: In the shadow of things, Fondazione Forma. Curated by Alessandra Mauro. Milan, Italy

2009: In the shadow of things, Foam (Fotografiemuseum) Curated by Colette Olof. Amsterdam, Netherlands

2007: In the shadow of things, Palazzo delle Esposizioni. Curated by Marco Delogu. Roma, Italy


2019: Mend as part of The Rome commission at the Museum of Rome, in April.

2019: Who’s looking at the family, now? Photo50, London Art Fair. Curated by Tim Clarke

2018: Eternal City. The Photographic collection of The Royal Institute of British Architects. Curated by Marco Luliano and Valaria Carullo. Monument to Vittorio Emanuele II, Gabriella Musto, Roma, Italy.

2018: A New Beginning, Protein Studios. Curated by Rebecca McClelland and Breaking Barriers. London, UK

2017: UPTONOW: Fabrica Photography. Landskrona festival. Scandinavia

2017: UPTONOW: Fabrica photography. Fotografia Europea festival. Reggio Emilia, Italy

2016: In the shadow (Ap), iDocs, Watershed. Curated by Judith Aston and Mandy Rose. Bristol UK

2015: Way we live / Wie wir Leben, KUNST HAUS WIEN. Curated by Verena Kaspar Eisern and Charlotte Desaga. Vienna, Austria

2015: In the shadow (Ap) The Rooms. Bristol UK

2014: Slideshow - In the shadow of things. Landskrona festival, curated by Engstrom. Scandinavia

2014: In the shadow (Ap), iDocs. Curated by Judith Aston and Mandy Rose. Bristol, UK

2014: In the shadow (Ap), Encounters Film Festival. Curated by Rich Warren. Bristol, UK

2013: Festival of Photography, MACRO (Museo d’Arte Contemporanea di Roma) Curated by Marco Delogu. Rome, Italy

2012: Hijacked 111. QUAD gallery, Format Photography festival. Curated by Louise Clements. Derby, UK

2012: Firecracker. Curated by Fiona Rogers. London, UK

2012: Magenta show, Toronto Book Fair. Toronto, Canada

2012: Fishbar. Curated by Olivia Arthur and Philipp Ebeling. London, UK

2011: Paris Foto (Galerie Kahmann, Amsterdam). Paris, France

2009: 6x6 Women, Studio La Citta. Curated by Enrico Bossan and Maria Rosa Sossai. Verona, Italy

2009: Just around the corner Capalbio Fotografia. Curated by Marco Delogu, Capalbio, Italy

2008: Artissima (Galleria VM21, Rome). Turin, Italy

2008: Views in collaboration with Emma Macfarlane. Shunt Arches. London, UK

2006: London Stories. Curated by Robin Maddock. Shoreditch Town Hall. London, UK

2005: Les Yeux Ouvert. Centre Pompidou. Paris, France

2004: Jerwood Photography Award. Open Eye Gallery. Liverpool, UK

2003: Jerwood Photography Award (Escape in Israel) Jerwood Space, London, UK

2003: The Ian Parry Award. Curated by Rebecca McClelland. Camera Press. London, UK

Laura Hopes

Laura Hopes has recently been awarded an Artistic Practice Research AHRC-funded PhD with the University of Plymouth entitled Being Vulnerable: Distances of the Sublime Anthropocene. Her research project focuses upon the relationship between climate change and colonisation. She explores a methodology built around the idea of the ‘vulnerable practitioner’, focusing upon a process of decolonising the Anthropocene. Drawing from existing and historic modes of knowledge; open to failure; seeking collaboration and acceptant of unknowns; her practice has become a much slower, lengthier process, where assumptions are constantly challenged - obstacles to be unpicked. Through extensive collaboration within the collective Still/Moving and with academics and experts in diverse fields, her expanded practice encompasses writing, conversations, film, performance, installation and multi-disciplinary exchange.


2022: Undercut, Under KARST, BAS9 fringe event KARST studioholders

2020: Speedwell installation, Mayflower 400 commission. Plymouth, UK

2020: And the Crowd Goes Wild publication/ film screening. B-Side Festival. Portland, UK

2019: Otolith installation, AiR commission. National Marine Aquarium. Plymouth, UK

2019: Lacuna, Unbounded Exhibition. Eden Project. Cornwall, UK

2019: Ruins: Theorem exhibition and symposium. Cambridge School of Art, Anglia Ruskin. Cambridge, UK

2019: Performance commission, Surrender! (Part 2) with Preston Street Union. Exeter, UK

2018: Not to be Taken, Sluice Exchange at the Kühlhaus. Berlin, Germany

2018: Marginalia, Ingenious Soil, Being Human Festival commission. Exeter, UK

2018: And the Crowd Goes Wild sound installation, B-Side commission. Portland, UK

2018: Performance commission, Surrender! with Preston Street Union. Exeter, UK

2018: Crazywell, Od Festival, UK

2018: Not to be Taken, Mount Florida x PAC home screening. CAA. Glasgow, UK

2018: Vertex+Reflex, Artistic Research Will Eat Itself Exhibition. KARST. Plymouth, UK

2017: Crazywell performance, PEP Postgraduate Conference, On the Moors. Dartmoor, UK.

2017: Tank screening, Liquid. AQB. Budapest, Hungary

2016: Lacuna screening, Inland Festival. Future Project. Redruth, UK

2016: Lacuna installation, The Weather Station Part II. B-Side Festival. Dorset, UK

2016: Tank screening, Liquid, Fringe Arts Bath. Artspace 101. Plymouth, UK

2015:Ghost Stream, What were you looking for? Armada Way. Plymouth, UK

2015: Cargo: The Island, Lasalle College of the Arts. Singapore

2015: Miasma sculpture commission, Above, Hamilton House. Bristol, UK

2015: Unheimlich collages: For Collage, Print House Gallery, London

2014: Walking the Line, Plymouth Arts Centre. Plymouth, UK

2014: Source, Bornshorts Film Festival, Experimental Film Category. Denmark

2014: Cinematik Piestany Film Festival, Short Films Category. Slovakia

2014: Bodies of Water film screening, Royal West of England Academy. Bristol, UK

2013: Ghost Stream installation Art at Yarner, Yarner Woods. Bovey Tracey, UK


2020: And the Crowd Goes Wild - HLF funded publication and film, B-Side. Portland, UK

2020: CSNI artist presentation, Borough Art Gallery, South Bank University. London, UK

2020: Marginalia: Performance Lecture; Unbounded talk, Porthmeor Studios. St Ives, UK

2020: Ruins paper, Theorem Publication, Cambridge School of Art, Anglia Ruskin. Cambridge, UK

2020: Vertex+Reflex paper, Hybrid Labs Publication, Aalto University. Helsinki, Finland

2019-20: Artist in Residence: National Marine Aquarium, Plymouth, UK

2019: Surrender! (Part 2) PSU commission, Exeter, UK

2019: Marginalia paper, Land/Water Conference, University of Plymouth, UK

2019: Vertex+Reflex paper, University of Aalto Hybrid Labs Publication, Finland

2018: Pattern, Open Theatre Practice, Dublin, Eire. Funded by Arts Council Ireland

2018: Exeter Phoenix artist talk. Exeter, UK

2018: Ingenious Soil screening/talk and soil workshop, Being Human Festival. Exeter, UK

2018: Poetic Places Workshop, Being Human. University of Exeter, UK

2018: Assistant Producer, Take A Part Social Making Symposium. UK

2018: Vertex+Reflex paper presented, Hybrid Labs, University of Aalto. Helsinki, Finland

Martin Hampton

Martin Hampton studied Architecture at the Bartlett, UCL. Specialising in speculative designs in extreme locations, he designed an architecture for the moon, and imagined floating structures for tidal zones that would reconfigure themselves twice a day.

He co-founded Squint/Opera with architect Will Alsop, a production studio that uses film to communicate radical architectural ideas. One of their first films, Picture a City, was acquired by MOMA New York jointly by the film and architecture departments.

Since 2006 Martin has worked independently as a director, making films about artists for Tate, Christies, and Whitechapel Art Gallery, bringing together his interest in challenging art with a desire to communicate. This has led to inspiring encounters with world renowned artists such as Gerhard Richter, Nan Goldin and William Klein. In 2008, in a move towards documentary filmmaking, he completed an MA in Visual Anthropology at Goldsmiths College London, and his graduation film Possessed won support from the British Council and awards at several international film festivals including Emir Kusturica’s Kustendorf Film Festival. In tandem with his client-based work, Martin maintains an independent film practice. Projects include Gentle Oblivion, a long term investigation of his sister’s experience of Alzheimer’s Disease, and DreamWalking, a film about the Japanese photographer Rinko Kawauchi.

Still Moving provides an opportunity for Martin to bring together his diverse interests and skills, whereby the lived experience of a structure and its form are conceived as a dynamic whole.


2019: Incorporated Still Moving Projects as a CIC

2018: Commissioned by Mayflower 400 for Project Speedwell / (NO) NEW WORLDS. Mayflower 2020. Received ACE funding for project.

2017: Collaborated as DP on 3 films with artist Laura Hopes. Lacuna: the colour of distance, Crazywell and Not to Be Taken

2015: Mentoring young filmmakers for Channel Four’s RANDOM ACTS strand’s North East project in collaboration with Tyneside Cinema’s outreach scheme

2015: Directed and produced Dreamwalking, documentary about photographer Rinko Kawauchi for Austrian Museum Kunst Haus Vienna

2015: Produced photography workshop for Still/Moving with photographer Rinko Kawauchi with Kunst Haus Vienna

2014: Directed and filmed NAN GOLDIN Tateshot for Tate Media

2014: Directed/produced Swarovski Whitechapel ART ICON Award film, Whitechapel Gallery

2013: Director of Photography: “Shooting Ourselves”, independent feature documentary produced by Substans Film

2012: Directed artist portrait films for Tate, Christies, Whitechapel Gallery, Leighton House Museum

2011: Directed and filmed GERHARD RICHTER: PANORAMA Tate Media.

2009: MICROSOFT BABIES: Directed, produced and filmed 8 x Three Minute Wonders for Channel 4 with Yipp Films.

2008: Possessed selected by British Council for Short Film Support Fund

2005: Squint/Opera film Picture a City exhibited in the Groundswell Exhibition at MOMA, New York. Subsequently acquired for permanent collection

2001: Formed Squint/Opera film production company

At the still point of the turning world. Neither flesh nor fleshless;

Neither from nor towards; at the still point, there the dance is,

But neither arrest nor movement. And do not call it fixity,

Where past and future are gathered. Neither movement from nor towards,

Neither ascent nor decline. Except for the point, the still point,

There would be no dance, and there is only the dance.

T. S. Eliot

Burnt Norton from The Four Quartets