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We are crowdfunding to take the NO NEW WORLDS sculpture to COP26 in Glasgow in November and need your help to make it happen

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New Solo Exhibition by Léonie Hampton opens at RAMM Museum 18th May- 5th September 2021

Commissioned to complement the touring exhibition Seedscapes: Future Proofing Nature, Léonie Hampton’s body of work engages directly with the ecological emergency through a series of photographs that celebrate her vegetable garden, her family and friends, and the seeds in the collections at RAMM, Exeter. The exhibition is runs from 18 May to 5 September 2021. See here for more information.

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Event: Indigenous Artists Panel

Still/Moving and Survival International in partnership with Dr Stephanie Pratt and Melinda Schwakhofer, invite the artists Cannupa Hanska Luger, Candessa Tehee, Ian Kuali’i and Jules Koostachin to discuss the complexities of the 400 year Mayflower history and their individual artist practices, in a panel chaired by art historian Dr Stephanie Pratt.

When: Tuesday 1 December 2020 At: 16:30 – 18.00GMT

Free Eventbrite link: CLICK HERE

During the month of November we have created multiple spaces for indigenous voices to be AMPLIFIED. Please submit a short quote responding to: ‘Tell us what the history of the Mayflower means to you.’ By following the links below or emailing us directly on these will be added to the NO NEW WORLDS tags which are written and tied to the sculpture in Plymouth UK, and posted through social media: /StillMovingCIC & @StillMovingCIC

Through the Survival International Map:

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Still/Moving IN CONVERSATION: Dr Stephanie Pratt and Survival International this FRIDAY

Marial Quezada from Survival International, Sam Maltais, (Aquinnah Wampanoag), Dr Stephanie Pratt (Dakota) and Still/Moving will discuss the current campaign, #Mayflowers Kill. This conversation will introduce November’s Native American Heritage Month, and reflect on the place of NO NEW WORLDS and other artworks within commemorative programmes such as Plymouth UK’s Mayflower 400 Commemorations.

When: Friday 13 November 2020 At: 16:30 – 17:30 GMT

Free Eventbrite link:

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Speedwell 'Starter Tower' Talks Program

Throughout the duration of Speedwell's installation on Mount Batten Breakwater a series of 'in conversations' will be held between Still/Moving and invited speakers to discuss some of the themes raised by the project. The talks will be live-streamed online. Click here for a full list

Next up: Still/Moving IN CONVERSATION: 'Connections' with Marianne Brown 16.10.2020 @ 13.00

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' hold me beside you ' A Site Specific Installation at Plymouth Art Weekender, 24 -27 September 2020

hold me beside you is a unique installation by Still/Moving for this year's Plymouth Art Weekender: 24 -27 September 2020.

The 2-metre distanced illuminated words respond to the experience of the COVID-19 pandemic. The site-specific installation explores the tension of proximity and risk in the physical structure of the Plymouth Citadel’s former gunpowder store. Originally created for The Box's 'State of Emergency' micro commission the words have been reconfigured to magnify our state of isolation and our dependence: our need to keep distanced, coupled with our longing for interconnectedness, revealing a shared vulnerability in the face of the unknown workings of the virus.

The work hangs on the north wall of Duttons Cafe, located above Elphinstone carpark which is one of the best places to see Still/Moving's other project Speedwell, on the Mount Batten Breakwater.

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Speedwell is Live!

Speedwell is exploring the idea of 'no new worlds'.

For the settlers on the Mayflower who felt they were sailing to a new world, it was a world that had been inhabited for many thousands of years by indigenous peoples who were greatly impacted by the arrival of the Mayflower and subsequent ships that followed.

We wanted to challenge that idea and to uncover previously overlooked stories of the Mayflower sailing but also to remind people that we only have this world and we need to look after it.

Come and add your voice to the structure either by filling in a tag with one of our volunteers or by adding your voice on our text and audio link

Speedwell's Poignant Message - Plymouth Herald

Re-Informed on the Mayflower 400 website.

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Speedwell, A Mayflower 400 Commission to Open on 4th September 2020

Speedwell, a large scale light installation funded by Plymouth Culture and the Arts Council, will open on Plymouth's Mount Batten Breakwater at dusk on 4th September 2020. Currently under construction it can be clearly seen growing on the horizon from the Hoe and the Barbican. See Speedwell Project page for more info.

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'touch' by Still/Moving, "A State of Emergency Commission" by The Box, Plymouth's new Museum

Still/Moving have been awarded a State of Emergency Commission by The Box, Plymouth's new museum, art gallery and cultural centre. The project titled 'touch' explores the two metre distance of safety forced under the pandemic regulations, a distance which paradoxically shows care through remoteness while enforcing isolation, yet in cases of coercion, hides from view those subject to a cruelty of touch.

The work explores these spaces, navigating from the distance of the horizon to the proximity of the home; the local. Moving through levels of intimacy and forms of touch from the caress of a lover, the lifting of a child to sharing a companionable proximity, the phrases ‘HOLD ME’, ‘TOUCH ME’, ‘BESIDE ME’ will be created using a low voltage LED technology.

The Box will open to the general public on Tuesday 29 September

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Léonie Hampton commissioned to create new work in response to seeds in Exeter Museum, RAMM’s collection

Still/Moving's co-founder Leonie Hampton new commission from RAMM, will explore the Exeter museum’s collection of seeds and herbarium sheets in dialogue with her own photographs of seed experiments, the garden and family. Creating a ‘story about love, growth, family and the archaic wisdom of plants’ the new artwork will place Hampton’s photographs of living and growing plants alongside that of the collected, dried seeds in the museum.

See: RAMM Museum for more info


COP26 INTERVENTIONS are a series of illuminated text sculptures installed by Still/Moving in different locations around Glasgow for the duration of COP26. The works were made with community groups around the country during 2021, indigenous representatives and leaders and with delegates at COP itself.


This seminal phrase is key to the work of environmental lawyer Farhana Yamin: "Justice Reset" is a unifying demand to COP26. It gathers all constituencies whose call for climate justice and just transition recognises the need for a complete overhaul of the existing system by shifting resources and political power to those with less.

Location: Tramway Art Centre

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In 1996 David Abram coined the phrase "the more-than-human world" as a way of referring to earthly nature. This phrase was originally installed in the Brigait and hosted by The Encampment of Eternal Hope for the Council Of All Beings, to mark the opening of COP26. It is now hosted by the Clutha Bar, a vibrant grassroots music venue.

Location: The Clutha


Created with workshop participants at Rame Projects in Cornwall, prior to the G7 talks, we asked them what phrase they would want to share with the gathered world leaders

Location: COP Pop Up Restaurant in Argyle Street

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A beautiful Welsh word with no direct or easy translation, meaning a longing or nostalgia for a homeland that may no longer even exist. Made with Climate Change Cymru. The phrase is now hosted by the Maryhill Burgh Halls

Still Moving COP26 3768

"Article 8 of the Paris Agreement outlines the responsibilities of countries to take action on loss and damage. Addressing loss and damage stands alongside mitigation and adaptation as a fundamental pillar of climate action. But despite signing on to the Agreement, the wealthy countries who contributed the most to causing loss and damage are still unwilling to provide the finance and support needed to address it." During this COP Scotland become the first rich country to publicly contribute to Loss and Damage by giving 1 million. Over the following days at COP other countries are also finally rising to this responsibility and paving the way for reparations.

Location: Outside East Blue Zone Entrance Gate


Made with students from the Surfers Against Sewage Plastic Free Schools project at Tavistock College, this phrase highlighted the responsibility these students feel for the planet's future. The phrase is now hosted by the Wh*eat Cafe CIC in Govan.

With thanks to Stop Climate Chaos Scotland and the Climate Fringe for their generous support of this work.

Location: Wh*eat Cafe, Govan


Made in response to Greta Thunberg's calls for governments of the Global North to truthfully report their emission statistics and to not carefully select numbers which show them in a favourable light. This phrase formed her backdrop for the Friday's for the Future school strike in George Square. Joining Greta on stage were infamous worldwide Climate activists such as Vanessa Nakate and indigenous groups such as La Minga.


(Scottish Gaelic)
Made with Tenement Veg in Glasgow, this phrase is a "word of the land — it is derived from the Gaelic word ‘dú / dùth’ which can mean ‘earth’ or ‘land’ — our research suggests that the emotional energy of belonging and responsibility, the meaning the word conveys extends to the waters around the homeland." More info here.

The phrase is now hosted by The Bowling Green, East Pollokshields


Originally conceived in a pilot project with #LetterstotheEarth aimed to link the G7 meeting in Carbis Bay to the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow. Through conversations on the street and workshops we wanted to find out what local people felt needed to be said. People expressed there need TO BE HEARD. In COP 26 partnering with LTTE (Listening to the Land Pilgrimage) Still/Moving showed this work at to Kelburn Castle on Sunday the 7th November where many Indigenous elders and Delegates from Vulnerable countries are hosted along with the pilgrims.


On Saturday 6th November about 100,000 people marched in Glasgow to demand more action on the climate crisis. The protest was the biggest so far during the COP26 summit and took place alongside hundreds of similar events around the world. Greta Thunberg joined the march but did not speak, leaving activists such as Vanessa Nakate to address a rally- pointing to the fact that people from vulnerable counties need TO BE HEARD. LOSS + DAMAGE is one bridge between what the activists are calling for and what delegates and people on the inside of COP are working hard to deliver and get acknowledged.


More documentation:

  • Still Moving COP26 2148
    MORE THAN HUMAN at The Briggait
  • Still Moving COP26 1935
    Farhana Yamin and team after opening ceremony with La Mingha delegation and Nicola Sturgeon at Tramway
  • IMG 2613
    MORE THAN HUMAN at The Clutha
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  • IMG 2578
  • ALL THE NUMBERS CLEAN from Laura photo 2021 11 06 07 14 21
  • Still Moving COP26 Nicola Sturgeon at Opening Ceremony 3
    Nicola Sturgeon at Opening Ceremony, Tramway
  • Still Moving COP26 Nicola Sturgeon at Opening Ceremony 2
    Nicola Sturgeon at Opening Ceremony at Tramway
  • Still Moving COP26 3779
  • Still Moving COP26 2148
    MORE THAN HUMAN at The Briggait
  • Still Moving COP26 1935
    Farhana Yamin and team after opening ceremony with La Mingha delegation and Nicola Sturgeon at Tramway
  • IMG 2613
    MORE THAN HUMAN at The Clutha
  • IMG 2596
  • IMG 2578
  • ALL THE NUMBERS CLEAN from Laura photo 2021 11 06 07 14 21
  • Still Moving COP26 Nicola Sturgeon at Opening Ceremony 3
    Nicola Sturgeon at Opening Ceremony, Tramway
  • Still Moving COP26 Nicola Sturgeon at Opening Ceremony 2
    Nicola Sturgeon at Opening Ceremony at Tramway
  • Still Moving COP26 3779

We were incredibly honoured to have our sculpture NO NEW WORLDS switched on by First Minister Nicola sturgeon and Minga Elder Panchita Calfin. This followed a moving ceremonial welcome hosted at Tramway by the First Minister, host of COP and Keeper of the land.

Sturgeon said: “It is a real honour for us to welcome you here and it is of the upmost importance that the voices of indigenous peoples are heard in this conference. I hope to play my part in making sure that your voices are heard… I will take these demands with me and try my best to make sure your voice is heard”.

The demands from Minga Indigena includes: that the Minga are recognised as an official representative of Indigenous Peoples by the UNFCCC, that COP26 include a Justice Reset in their agreement, and that governments across the world promise to leave fossil fuels in the ground.

Thanks to greenpeace and climate fringe